It’s less that 10 days until out concerts on March 23 (Philly), March 24 (New York), and March 25 (Boston), we’d like to introduce you to the composers we commissioned! Ben and I are so excited to share this new music with you!


Today, at long last, we’d like you to meet Binna Kim!

Her inspirations come from various forms of art.  Recently, she has been influenced immensely by installation art from artists such as Lee Ufan, Sarah Sze, and Doris Salcedo. Her work has been commissioned and performed in the United States, Korea, and Europe by various ensembles, including the New Fromm Players, Aspen Contemporary Ensemble, Boston Modern Orchestra Project, Seattle Metropolitan Chamber Orchestra, Governor's School of North Carolina Orchestra, Flux Quartet, MOKO Musik, LoadBang and Ensemble Court-Circuit. Binna took the time to anwer our questions below, so let’s get to know this amazing woman!

Tell us a bit about yourself! Where are you from?

   I am originally from South Korea, currently living in Boston, finishing up my doctorate degree at NEC. 

 Who would you “cite” as your major influences, non-musical included? What inspires you?

Most of my inspiration comes from various forms of visual art.  

 How does that inspiration connect to the piece you wrote for Pushback?

At the moment, I am obsessed with Louise Bourgeois! I find every aspect of her fascinating and inspiring this includes her sculptures, installations, drawings, and texts (which I used for the piece for Pushback "the return of the repressed") Bourgeois dealt with various types of media, and all her works are always meticulously done with mastery and are full of contents and meaning by reflecting the society she lived in as well as her vulnerable self.

 How did you meet Ally and Ben?

I met Ally at Tanglewood, have been heard of Ben… forever from Zach. (Since 2013 to be exact)

 Out of all the cities Pushback is touring to, which one will we catch you at?

Will be attending the concert in Boston for sure!

 Favourite food?

My favorite food is…  if you could count ice cream as food, then ice cream! Or pasta, bread, cheese and wine would make me happy just as well.

 Most mind-boggling concert you’ve been to lately?

The most recent mind blowing performance would be Thomas Ades’ brand new piano concerto performed by Gerstein and BSO just couple days ago. 

You’re not going to want to miss Binna’s heart-breaking piece, so catch us this coming weekend in a city near you!

Alexandra Smither