Hey there everyone! It’s been quiet around here as we’ve both been running around in our respective lives. BUT BUT BUT - we’re finally being reunited at OMAHA UNDER THE RADAR in less than 48 hours! To celebrate we thought we’d do a little 5 questions each to celebrate being reunited!

1. What have you been up to since our first ever tour?

Finishing up my coursework at Northwestern and playing with the Portland Opera! - BRW

Was up at Banff doing two new operas and simultaneously planning my wedding and move to NYC! -AS

2. Best memory of the summer?

Flying in an 8-seat Cessna plane from Boston to Augusta to see Isidora! - BRW

CUTE. Mine was probably running up Tunnel Mountain in Banff with Austin! - AS

3. What are you most excited about going to Omaha?

I just can't wait to see all the amazing people who are performing. - BRW

Definitely meeting everyone at OUTR, especially Amanda (who runs the festival)! Also, saw they have super cute t-shirts, so I’ll definitely be hitting those up. - AS

4. Favourite piece you've been listening to?

Pieta for piano trio by Peter Kramer - BRW

Carrot Revolution for string quartet by Gabriella Smith - AS

5. What have you missed most about being w your duo best-bud?

Haven't had Chicken fingers since Ontario. We will have to remedy that. - BRW

Definitely Ben’s eye-roll when I over-enthusiastically greet him. I live for it. - AS

SO - if you’re in OMAHA (WOO) come see us at 7pm, Thursday July 25th at the Bancroft Street Market! We’ll be there and ready to get ROWDY with some great music and hang with you all after!!

Alexandra Smither